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From pre-arrest investigation to post-conviction relief, Hiller Law Firm, PC is a full-service criminal defense law firm located in downtown Myrtle Beach. I only practice "criminal defense" because I am passionate about standing up for people against the immense power and resources of the system.

I defend people against all felony and misdemeanor criminal charges and strive to never lose sight of my ultimate goal:  the best possible result in each unique case I defend.

To serve as a criminal defense lawyer is a calling, not a job. Since graduating from law school in 2009, I have always been a criminal defense lawyer in private practice. Now I have nearly a decade of courtroom experience and have prepared and presented cases before every court in the state, including the South Carolina Supreme Court.

I am not a burned out ex-public defender or a jaded former prosecutor. I believe that the best advocates are those who have always stood up against a system that too often seems to forget real people are involved in the cases before it. No one deserves to be defined by his or her mistakes. No matter how dark the past or present may feel, we must always believe in — and fight for — a bright future.

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Reality is that no part of the system is designed to protect your interests. You have rights that the system will not assert for you.

A committed defense lawyer will listen to you, advocate for you, and do everything possible to skillfully guide your case to a result that will maximize all of your future opportunities.

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Criminal Defense Practice Areas


Serious Felonies

Murder / Manslaugher

Felony DUI


Armed Robbery





  Field Sobriety Tests

  Datamaster Machine

  Implied Consent Hearings

  Ignition Interlock Devices



Domestic Violence

    "No Contact" Bond Orders

    Orders of Protection

    Collateral Consequences

    Felony First Degree & DVHAN



Drug Charges

    Simple Possession

    P.W.I.D / Distribution

    Constructive Possession

Drug Trafficking



Juvenile Defense

Detention Hearings

Adjudication Hearings

Disposition Hearings

Juvenile Diversion




Property Offenses



     Breach of Trust




Assault Charges

 Attempted Murder

 High and Aggravated

Degrees of Assault

 Simple Assault




Sexual Assault

   CSC With a Minor

   Date Rape

   Sex Offender Registry

   Forensic Interviews




Public Intox. / Disorderly Conduct

Minor in Possession

Open Container

Municipal Ordinance Violations



Outstanding Defense Results Do Not Just Happen By Accident. They are Earned Through Hard Work, Dedication and Respect for the Duty I Owe My Clients.


noun | ex·pe·ri·ence

"direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge"


noun | com·mit·ment

"the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity; a pledge or undertaking."


noun | knowl·edge

"acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique."


noun | fi·du·cia·ry

"one who obligates himself to act on behalf of another and assumes a duty to act in good faith and with care, candor, and loyalty in fulfilling the obligation."

Legal Services

Pre-Arrest Representation - Criminal Defense Lawyer - Myrtle Beach SC


Pre-Arrest Representation

If you believe you are under criminal investigation, do not just wait for law enforcement to knock on your door. Be proactive. Sometimes charges can be avoided or resolved by contacting a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. No matter what, never speak with law enforcement before seeking advice from a criminal defense lawyer. Consultations are always completely free.


Male Judge Writing On Paper In Courtroom


Bond Hearings

Contacting a criminal defense lawyer before a bond hearing can have a very positive impact at the start of a case. Not only is the bond process often quicker and more smooth with a lawyer involved, the bond amount is often lower since the court knows a lawyer is already involved. The fee for the bond hearing is always applied to the retainer for representation for the remainder of the case.


fingerprint mark on an isolated white background



 As a defense lawyer, I am not content to just rely on the official police version of a case. Many times I call on the services of a licensed independent investigator and the results are simply invaluable. Flaws and mistakes in the original police investigation are uncovered. We then craft a defense strategy to expose weaknesses in the government's case and exploits flaws in the police work. 


Jury Trial - Criminal Defense Lawyer - Myrtle Beach, SC


Jury Trial

The Constitution grants the right to a trial by jury. However, this right must be requested in some courts. The role of a juror is to listen to both the government and the defense and then decide if the government proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The art of persuasively speaking to a jury can make all the difference as to whether the jury decides a person is guilty or innocent.

Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer - Direct Appeal


Direct Appeal

If a criminal case is lost, a direct appeal is filed to challenge errors made during a jury trial that led to a conviction. A successful appeal always involves precise and meticulous legal research and writing skills. Some cases go to oral argument before appellate judges. Experience in this very technical criminal defense practice area is vital in order to maximize the chance of success on direct appeal.

Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer - Post Conviciton Relief


Post-Conviction Relief

In a post-conviction relief case the focus is whether the lawyer who handled the case at trial provided effective assistance to his or her client. To analyze whether the trial lawyer breached the standard of care owed, a strong grasp of how to be an effective advocate is absolutely necessary. Often the underlying case must be completely reinvestigated as well in search of after discovered evidence. 


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