The Practice of Criminal Defense is a Calling, Not a Job.

Strict deadlines and unfamiliar rules can make the legal system feel daunting. My defense firm is here to assert your legal rights, protect your interests, defend your case and do everything possible to guide you to a successful result.

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As a seasoned criminal defense lawyer, I have defended against almost every single criminal charge. I have successfully protected clients from misdemeanor convictions in Magistrate Court, defended against felony charges in General Sessions Court and have even presented complicated legal arguments before the South Carolina Supreme Court.

I am committed to zealous representation and tirelessly fight to protect and preserve my clients' rights and freedom. If I can answer any questions about the legal system or a particular charge you or a loved one may face, please contact me. I look forward to serving your best interest. 

Charges We Defend Against

Serious Felonies

Serious, violent crimes draw the most attention from the media and the public. This often puts extra pressure on law enforcement to make an arrest quickly so society can feel safe. As a result, critical mistakes are sometimes made and corners get cut. A complete and detailed reinvestigation of a case often uncovers facts the police missed.

DUI & DUAC Defense

Government ad campaigns and slogans like "Sober or Slammer" give rise to the aggressive prosecution of DUI. Do not go to a bench trial date expecting the arresting officer or judge to just give you a second chance. The first thing you should do is schedule a free consultation with a DUI defense lawyer and fight to preserve your record and right to drive.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is one of the most over-charged crimes in South Carolina. While it is somewhat understandable that the government wants to appear tough on this crime, the problem is that the domestic violence statute is so broad that many innocent people get caught up in a charge that carries very serious and long lasting consequences.

Drug Charges

The "war on drugs" has made the penalties associated with almost every drug conviction both severe and expensive. Previous drug convictions are also used to enhance the penalty for a subsequent drug conviction. It is extremely important to fight to keep drug charges off your permanent criminal record. Many defenses are available. 

Juvenile Defense

Juvenile defense cases are completely different from cases that involve adults. It is important to consult with a criminal defense lawyer with real experience defending juveniles. From the rules surrounding detention hearings to the type of evaluation that will follow an adjudication hearing, a defense lawyer who knows the system is vital.

Property Offenses

Similar to how previous drug convictions can operate, property crimes on a criminal record can be used to enhance the penalty for an alleged property crime. If a person has two property crimes on his or her record, the punishment for a third conviction can carry up to ten years in prison, even if the third charge is a misdemeanor.

Assault Charges

From Attempted Murder to Third Degree Assault, South Carolina recognizes many different assault-based crimes. Most defenses focus on correctly interpreting the details surrounding an assault case. Reinvestigation can be tremendously important. A self-defense "Stand Your Ground" defense must be constructed carefully for success.

Sexual Assault

Crimes with sexual overtones are some of the most harshly punished. They also have social stigma associated with them. However, much more complexity is often at play than meets the eye. Carefully hidden agendas can be involved. Do not speak with the police about a pending sex crime. Even if completely innocent, it will only make the situation worse.


Myrtle Beach is a vacation destination and every year many visitors are arrested and charged with what may seem like minor criminal offenses. Still, any conviction – no matter how small – can bring with it unforeseen and serious consequences in the future. It is always best to consult with a criminal defense lawyer before taking any other action.

"A law may be both constitutional and expedient, and yet may be administered in an unjust and unfair way."


― Abraham Lincoln, Lawyer & President

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