A Solid Defense Against Drug Charges from Every Angle

A Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer Focused on
Providing a Complete Defense Against All Drug Charges

As a seasoned Myrtle Beach criminal defense lawyer, I have nearly a decade of experience defending against almost every drug charge imaginable. From simple possession to trafficking,  I understand how critical it is to leave no stone unturned in defense of my client.

If you or a loved one is facing a misdemeanor level drug charge or a serious trafficking case, please do not hesitate to start consulting with criminal defense lawyers. The case can only benefit from having a skilled criminal defense lawyer involved from the very beginning.

The rest of this page is devoted to information about several, but not all, drug charges under South Carolina law. This charges appearing below are not exhaustive of the types of cases I have defended. They are simply some of the more frequently charged drug offense.

If you do not see a specific issue addressed for if I can be of assistance, please contact my criminal defense practice and I will be happy to speak with you.

You Need to Defend Yourself Against Any Drug Conviction

If you have been charged with possession, distribution, or trafficking of drugs you need a criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible. A first offense for simple possession of marijuana carries a maximum of 30 days in jail, while some trafficking charges carry a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison. The penalties for drug convictions vary depending on many different factors including:

  • the classification of the drugs involved,
  • the type of drug involved, and
  • a person's prior criminal record.

In all criminal cases, but particularly in drug cases, an important part of a successful defense will be a careful review of the case for constitutional violations. When the police search a bag, vehicle or house without a warrant they must provide a reason that will stand up in court. The police know this and try to write their incident reports in a way that appears to justify their action. For example, one increasingly popular claim is for the police smell marijuana during a traffic stop. Reality is that some cops do cheat and lie, and you need a criminal defense lawyer who will not just accept the police version of events.

When the police flagrantly disregard of the Constitution by racially profiling, searching a vehicle without probable cause or engaging in other prohibited conduct, the remedy is suppression of the drugs the police found. Many judges are reluctant to dismiss a drug case based on a "borderline" violation, and you need a criminal defense lawyer who will assert every defense available in your case.

Whether your or a loved one is facing a possession, distribution or trafficking level drug charge, you need to consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Once you have a drug charge on your record, the penalty for subsequent conviction gets much more serious.  Do not plead guilty to any drug charge without first consulting an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Are You or a Loved One Charged with a Drug Offense?

Don't hesitate to contact a Myrtle Beach criminal defense lawyer. Many legal defense are available in drug cases and you should fight to preserve your rights and your record. Consultations at Hiller Law Firm, PC are free and confidential.