You Do Not Need to Let a Myrtle Beach DUI Arrest Turn into a Conviciton

I am a Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer with a proven record of zealously defending people accused of Driving Under the Influence. Let my training and experience make the difference in your case.

A Myrtle Beach DUI Lawyer Committed to
Preserving Your Record and Right to Drive

DUI is a very complex area of law. As a practiced Myrtle Beach DUI defense lawyer, I have nearly a decade of experience defending against DUI charges. But I do not rely on past successes alone. I am an active member of the National College for DUI Defense® and constantly innovate to deliver the best results in all types of impaired driving cases.

My firm has successfully defended DUI cases based on alcohol, marijuana, other illegal drugs, prescription medicines and combinations of all of the above. My commitment and philosophy is simple: hard work for the best possible result.

Following is information about South Carolina DUI law. Not every piece of information is relevant to every DUI case so the information is presented in a "drop down" format to help the reader quickly identify information that is relevant to his or her question, situation or interest.

If at any time I can answer any questions about a pending DUI ticket you or a loved one may face, please contact me. No matter the question, I look forward to being of service. 

"A DUI arrest is not a conviction. Every case deserves a full and careful review during which every aspect of the government's case is reviewed for weakness and errors."


― Jonathan Hiller, DUI Defense Lawyer

How We Defend Against a DUI Conviction

South Carolina DUI law is complex. DUI cases are also very fact specific and intensive. For instance:

  • What was the stated reason for the officer's contact with the driver?
  • Did the officer conduct all of the field sobriety tests properly?
  • Were all the requirements set out in the DUI section of the S.C. Code of Law satisfied?
  • Were Miranda Warnings given when required and properly recorded?  
  • Did the roadside video sufficiently record the encounter as required by law?
  • Was the breath test machine correctly maintained and operating properly?
  • Were any other samples that were requested (urine or blood) collected and tested properly?
  • What factors other than impairment could be responsible for the officer's beliefs?

An experienced Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer can expose flaws in the government's case from multiple angles. Even if you blew over the "legal limit" many defense are likely available. Before making any decisions about a pending DUI charge, you should consult with a Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer. Do not just plead guilty to DUI at the bench trial date written on the blue ticket. Your case deserves a complete review. From the moment the blue lights activated to the end of the breath room video recording, we examine every aspect of the government's case for weakness and errors.

Our Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer realizes how much money the government spends on DUI prosecution. It pays for the very specialized DUI training given to police officers. The government also pays to train its DUI prosecutors. These prosecutors know more about DUI than some defense attorneys.

Because of this reality, a serious, dedicated DUI defense lawyers must spend time and resources training too. That is why I have been trained by retired law enforcement in the proper way to administer field sobriety tests and am also am active member of the National College of DUI Defense®.

It takes hard work and dedication to learn the ins and outs of the so-called science of DUI detection. But the investment is  worth it. Time and again, my in-depth training has proven valuable when reviewing evidence, negotiating favorable outcomes, preparing for jury trials and cross-examining police officers.

DUI cases simply do not disappear on their own. You need a Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer who knows how to properly collect and review all of the evidence in a DUI case. The arresting officer has been trained. The prosector knows DUI law. You need an advocate who can provide you with quality representation.

Are You or a Loved One in Need of Advice About a Pending DUI Ticket?

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